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Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Director of Interior Design - MBS

Nov 2019 - August 2022

Represented Casino and VIP Gaming projects as part of the Development and Project Management (DPM) department's interior design team.

Collaborated with operations teams to develop comprehensive casino design briefs.

Managed interior design consultants, providing guidance and clarification for those without prior experience in casino projects.

Oversaw the design and documentation development for both ID fit out and FFE procurement.

Reviewed interior design shop drawings, white box mock-ups, millwork development, FFE specifications, materials selection, and first-of-type furniture.

Conducted factory visits and regular site visits to check interior construction quality on behalf of the owner. China factory visits were conducted via video calls during 2020/21.


Specialized in the development of custom gaming furniture, including baccarat tables, guest chairs, and slot bases, to support the gaming operations team.

Collaborated with design consultants:

Tihany Design New York - ID

Wimberley Interiors New York & Singapore - ID

FBY International, Singapore - ID

Wilson Associates Singapore - ID

Aedas Singapore - Architecture & ID o

These credenzas allow the guest to charge their phones, get snacks and eat meals on a pull-out tray while they play slots. Or they can use this F&B trolley to eat their meal if they prefer.

Every piece of gaming furniture and millwork is carefully designed and studied until we're satisfied. On the left are whitebox mock-ups to test design, shapes, scale and equipment fit.

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